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“It’s wonderful to be able to meet with him and to hear from him about his vision for the future of India – a bright future “. These were the initial words spoken by Tulsi Gabbard when she was asked about her meeting with Indian PM Modi just after the grand reception hosted to welcome Mr Modi in US. Mr Modi was given a unique welcome In New York by Tulsi Gabbard, a Member of House of Representatives by offering a ginger flower garland and her personal copy of Bhagavad Gita as a gift to Narendra Modi. Tulsi's gift was happily accepted by Modi.The Bhagavad Gita is unanimously accepted by all bonafide Spiritual Master & Guru as the essence of all spiritual scriptures.

This tenderly welcome by Tulsi speaks a lot about her. It signifies the deep affection and love she has in her heart for India and its people.They also held talks on how to curb extreme terrorism by mutual cooperation and promised to extend their hands to reach the root cause of other worrying issues.

They also focussed on common areas of concerns and opportunities and steps that can be taken to deepen friendship between India and US. They both have expressed this meeting as successful and they are on a road to real progress and the India-US relationship will experience a significant boost.

Mr Modi was also very happy to meet such an inspiring congress woman in the House of Representatives. Tulsi Gabbard was also invited to visit India in the near future by the Prime minister and she has expressed her heartfelt desire to come and meet the people of India.

She played the major role in finalizing PM Modi’s visit to US and happens to be a keen supporter of him. She was also present at the Madison Square Garden reception hosted by Indian American Community Foundation in honour of his visit and Tulsi was very impressed upon the strong and vivid message on peace and friendship given in his public address to the enthusiastic Indian-Americans.

So this meeting of the two visionaries, Tulsi driven by the spirit of service and sacrifice and Mr Modi who is passionate about doing bigger things for the people has given birth to new hope and promises a bright future for both the countries. Let's keep our finger crossed.