Finding The Love We Seek

There is an old saying that love is what makes the world go around. And certainly it is true that the quest for love is the driving force behind everything we do. Each of us has an intense desire both to love and to be loved. In fact, this longing for love is more than just a desire, it is an innate need. Every living being requires love to be happy, to be at peace, to be fulfilled.

This need for love is the reason we repeatedly endeavor to create close friendships with other living beings. We search for love in familial relationships, in romantic relationships, in platonic relationships with like-minded people, co-workers, and even with animals. However, no matter how much pleasure we derive from these relationships, we are never quite fulfilled by them. Always, we are seeking something more. Deep in the core of our hearts, we feel a restlessness, an emptiness, a longing for something vital that is missing from our lives and from our relationships. We may not know exactly what it is, but we sense that it is so essential for our happiness that we cannot be satisfied and at peace without it.

If we look only on the material level of living – on the level of the mind and body and our material environment - we will not find what we are looking for. Because what we are looking for is not on the material level. It is on the spiritual level.

We are eternal, spiritual beings, made entirely of spiritual energy. The mind and physical body – which are made of material energy - are like layers of clothes that we are wearing. Just as we are not the clothes we are wearing, we are not these layers of material energy. Rather, we are the spiritual self that is temporarily wearing these coverings. This is confirmed in the ancient yoga scriptures and other bona fide scriptures of the world.

Because we are eternal spiritual beings, we can only be satisfied through living in full awareness of our spiritual nature and relating with others from this spiritual level of awareness. To do this, we must very closely, directly, and consciously be relating with our spiritual Source. We can only find complete fulfillment in this way as confirmed in Vedic writings.

Our quest for love in this world is actually a quest to be reunited with our Supreme Friend. When we become disconnected and forgetful of this most essential relationship, our consciousness becomes clouded. Instead of looking to our inner relationship with God to fulfill our innate needs for love, shelter, warmth, happiness, a sense of belonging, and so on, we try to fulfill these needs through temporary, material relationships - either with inanimate objects or with other living beings.

Although, certainly, we can experience some pleasure through these relationships, they are simply not capable of satisfying us. Although we are spiritual beings, we are very tiny, we are limited, so do not have the means to satisfy the infinite need of another individual soul for the shelter, warmth, and love of the Supreme Soul. Nor can we satisfy this need for our self, by our self. We cannot be fulfilled by just any person - we can only be truly happy and fulfilled when we are engaged in loving relationship with the Supreme Person.

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Fortunately, the ancient yoga scriptures offer us a very simple and easily accessible way to reconnect with our Supreme Friend, and to awaken the seed of love for God that lies dormant within our hearts.

The yogic method for directly linking up and relating with God in this current age is mantra meditation. Mantra meditation is the hearing and repeating of spiritual sound vibrations, called mantras. A true mantra is not a material sound vibration. It is the Supreme Person in the form of spiritual sound vibration. The Supreme Person descends from the spiritual platform to the material world in the form of these spiritual sounds without losing any of His potencies. Because He is the Supreme Controller, He does not become covered or affected by the material energy when He descends to the material world. He remains fully spiritual and fully in control in all situations. In other words, the Supreme is always Supreme, regardless of where or how He chooses to appear. Thus, bona fide mantras remain fully spiritual and completely unaffected by the material environment. So when we are hearing and repeating these mantras, we are actually putting ourselves in the direct presence of the Supreme Person.

As the sun in this world purifies contaminants simply by its presence, the Spiritual Sun similarly purifies simply by His presence. So when we regularly put ourselves in direct contact with the Supreme Person through hearing & repeating mantras, our consciousness is gradually purified of the material contamination that we have taken on from misidentifying our selves as matter for so long. The more we hear and chant or sing these mantras, the more our consciousness becomes purified and gain real knowledge material misunderstandings and misgivings. Eventually, we are able to clearly see and know ourselves as we are - as eternal spiritual beings with a natural inclination to relate lovingly with our Supreme Friend. As our true spiritual nature is revived, our natural loving relationship with God can develop and flourish.

Mantra meditation i.e. listening & singing of the sacred names nurtures the seed of spiritual love in our hearts, thus allowing a very sweet, intimate, loving relationship with God to blossom. It is within this relationship that we are able to experience the perfect and permanent love that we have been searching for all our lives. Within this most special and sacred of relationships, we are able to find the perfect relationship of all that we have been seeking in our heart of hearts.

Spiritual personalities and ancient sages have confirmed, Loving God in no way means that we cannot love our spouse, children, and friends. On the contrary, it allows us to truly love them. When our hearts are full with love for the Supreme Person, this love naturally extends to all living beings. It becomes impossible not to love others when our hearts are truly immersed in love for God. Thus, we will come to genuinely care very deeply for the welfare of others and sincerely endeavor for their well-being, when love for the Supreme Person is firmly established in our hearts.

It is only the love of the Original Source of all love, all light, all happiness, and all life that can completely heal our hearts and return us to our natural condition of joy, harmony, and wholeness. It is the missing piece of our life's puzzle. Through daily practice of mantra meditation and the sincere desire to reunite with our eternal Friend, we can realize this most glorious resolution of our life and quest for love.