Awesome ALS Challenge

Unless you are hiding under a heavy rock, or a deep dark cave ;) you would have most likely come into contact with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Tsunami!! The campaign took the world by storm and millions of people have participated in it. Although its a charity campaign, many people have taken part in it because of the Fun factor, although arguably charity cause was a major driver too.

The concept is pretty simple, you have to take a bucket of ice and pour it on your head!! then invite 5 of your friends to do that same and so on.The campaign was smartly executed, since they got big celebrities and influential personalities to do this first and thus it snow balled into the masses very quickly! Here is the details of the challenge and video of some well known personalities taking the ice bucket challenge ;)

Here is the link to the ice bucket challenge and more videos.

Why not try this yourself, its real fun ;) We can always try our bit!